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Global Summit 2023, The Beginning

Hello guys!

I'm reasonably sure that a lot of you would've liked to be present at the Global Summit 2023 but for one reason or another, you couldn't be present. Here is a brief recount of what went on on 4th and 5th of June.

Even though the official opening ceremony wasn't planned until the evening of Sunday, there were a lot of exciting and interesting pre Summit activities. One of the highlights (especially for sports buffs here) was the morning golf tournament and football (AKA soccer) game. Can't say anything about the football because I wasn't there (post comments and photos in the comments section if you were there!), but from what I've heard it was an interesting game. I can tell you about golf!

It started at 6 am (!) and kept on going till around 2 pm. At the beginning the weather was gloomy and it has just finished raining. But after a couple of hours the sun appeared and the sunscreen with it. And let me tell you, 50SPF felt not enough!

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To make it even more interesting, the local fauna decided to get out to play as well.

After announcing the winners and having lunch we returned back to The Diplomat Beach Hotel to attend other events.

For example, in the afternoon there was an event for women.

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Which leads to the main event of Sunday - the Welcome Reception! It was the best time to see familiar faces and get in touch with colleagues and friends.

For example, with moderators of the English Community (@Muhammad Waseem, @Dmitry Maslennikov, @Irène Mykhailova):

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And French Community (@Lorenzo Scalese, @Irène Mykhailova, @Dmitry Maslennikov, @Guillaume Rongier):

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This is it for the "preparatory" day. The main stuff started on Monday!

Terry Ragon opened the Summit, in his speech reminding everyone that any successful company has to innovate to stay relevant. And InterSystems is one of such companies!

Also, he congratulated everyone on 45th year of InterSystems' existence and on 30th Global Summit! Isn't it mindblowing? Don't know about you, but I wasn't even born when the company was founded!

After the opening word, the first keynotes were dedicated to healthcare. @Don Woodlock talked about (among other things) AI and how it can bring the developer closer to the customer and not the other way around. 

After the keynotes (and lunch) everyone dissipated to different sessions, talks, meetings etc. I returned to the Developer Community booth at Tech Exchange.

And if you're at the Summit, don't forget to drop by - I will be glad to give you some swag in return for simple actions 😘 And if you know someone who's still not part of the Community, encourage them to come and get some swag as well. Also, check out the Global Masters - there are some rewards redeemable during the Summit:

And some new (and old favorite) rewards as well! Rumor has it, we will even have laptop stickers soon!

Anyway, being at the DevCom booth gave me a chance to talk to new people and to meet other moderators who dropped by when they had free time.

@Guillaume Rongier and @Dmitry Maslennikov 

@Lorenzo Scalese, @Dmitry Maslennikov and @Kurro Lopez 

If you're interested about the presentation in the background, here it is.

Besides, being at Tech Exchange means that I follow all the presentations that are going on there. For example, learn about containers 😉

And after all this excitement, we all headed to dinner and demos.

And played games and had fun.

This is it for the first official day of the Global Summit 2023. Stay tuned for what comes next!

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