· Jan 21

Global Masters: new badges for Suggested Tech Quizzes

Hey Developers, 

Please welcome a new set of Global Masters badges for 💡Tech Quizzes on InterSystems Global Masters

From now on, each of your suggested and approved Quiz Questions will not only enhance the fun and challenge all Global Masters members but will also earn you badges and recognition.

Badge's Name

The First Tech Quiz Badge
1st suggested and approved Tech Quiz


Level: Advocate

10 Tech Quizzes Badge

10 suggested and approved Tech Quizzes


Level: Specialist

25 Tech Quizzes Badge

25 suggested and approved Tech Quizzes


Level: Expert

50 Tech Quizzes Badge

50 suggested and approved Tech Quizzes


Level: Ambassador

100 Tech Quizzes Badge

100 suggested and approved Tech Quizzes


Level: Legend


If you are not a Global Masters Advocacy Hub member yet - join now to stay up-to-date, get nice prizes, and let us recognize your contribution to the Developer Community!yes

Check the additional information about Global Masters:

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments to this post.

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