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The collation 20 is Portuguese2.

USER>zn "%SYS"
Status       Number   Abbrev   Name
----------   ------   ------   ----------------------
Built-in        0     OANS     ISM Pre-6.2
Built-in        1     ANSI     ISM 6.2->6.4
Built-in        2     COBR     Ipsum/Cobra
Built-in        3     DTMC     DTM-compatible
Built-in        4     CBR2     Ipsum/Cobra-2
Built-in        5     UNIC     Cache standard
Not loaded     10     GER1     German1
Not loaded     11     POR1     Portuguese1
Not loaded     12     POL1     Polish1
Not loaded     13     GER2     German2
Not loaded     14     SPA1     Spanish1
Not loaded     15     DAN1     Danish1
Not loaded     16     CYR1     Cyrillic1
Not loaded     17     GRE1     Greek1
Available      18     CZE1     Czech1
Available      19     CZE2     Czech2
Not loaded     20     POR2     Portuguese2

To be able to mount database with such collation, you need to install Portuguese NLS locale to Caché (Management Portal > System Administration > Configuration > National Language Settings >  Locale Definitions). 

If you need further help, please contact InterSystems Worldwide Response Center (WRC).

Collation 20 is Portuguese2. Looks like windows was localized in Portuguese or regional settings when Ensemble was installed. But later changed locale definition to something else. You should return back because the database was created with this collation, and if you want to use new collation you should create a new one and move all data to the new database.

I think your original locale was ptbw, so, you should choose it and press install, and in confirmation press install again.