Alex Kanashevskiy · Mar 9, 2021

Developer Community Release, February 2021

Hi Developers!

This is a release of how did we improve the Developer Community in February 2021. The key features:

  • Updates on the user profile page:
    • New Subscriptions page
    • New Bookmarks page
    • New Drafts page
  • Discussions in related posts (Prev & Next posts)
  • Short link to community posts

See the details below.<--break->

New Subscriptions page

Setting up your email notifications from Developer Community is now easier. We have simplified the Subscriptions page, made it more compact and easier to navigate.

And don't forget to set up subscriptions for all language versions of the site!

New Bookmarks page

Your favorite posts and replies are now in the new format. There is now a convenient sorting by posts and replies separately.

New Drafts page

Now you don't need to go into a draft to edit your post. We've added a new "Edit" button for quick access to your draft – just hover over the post teaser.

Discussions in related posts (Prev & Next posts)

A discussion can spawn another discussion, an article, or even an announcement! 

Now you can now link Discussions to other posts. Just add a link to your discussion in the "Prev post" or "Next post" fields when creating or editing your post. 

Short link to community posts

If you want a short and easy-to-read link to any post, just click "Copy Link" in the post's left drop-down menu.

Short link example

We hope you enjoy our updates!

And we always welcome new requests for improvements and bug reports

Stay tuned!

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