Connect to IRIS with Python?

I have seen the Cache Python binding documentation and would like to know if it's also possible with IRIS so I can write data and also read/get it from the DB? The cachesys folder does not contain any python libraries.


Components Installed by Setup Type: IRIS, Caché

Unfortunately, Perl/Python Binding supported only on the x86-32 bit platform, but IRIS is only supported for x86-64.

Thanks, I will look into this, for now I'm getting the desired results with REST and CURL.


You can definitely compile and install cache-python binding module on x86-64 machines. I have done this on Ubuntu and it produced (pythonbind3-1.0-py3.6-linux-x86_64.egg). I am not sure I understand why it cannot be installed on IRIS x86-64bit platform. If you install python binding on IRIS I will be also interested in testing my CacheORM object-relational mapper.