· Feb 28

Automatic documentation for method arguments

Hi Community,

Can anyone point me to the docs that show how to add automatic class documentation for the arguments used in a method call?   I can auto document the class, methods, properties etc. with the "///" but can't figure out how to get the nice argument documentation for the arguments used when calling a method.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Enrico, what I thought I had seen somewhere worked like this scenario: you are writing code to call a previously defined method, and as you work through the arguments in your IDE of choice (mine = VSCode) you are presented with help strings for the specific argument you are currently working on for the call, as opposed to a a general help text that explains the method and its input arguments.  I went looking for an example and couldn't find one, so perhaps I was imagining it or had my wires crossed for IDEs / Languages 🤷‍♂️