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Thanks John. Your guess is correct. client side editing paradigm and %Persistent. Initial save works exactly as planned. Updates the storage definition and reloads the updated definition. Where it gets weird (new info from sleuthing attempts) is if I run a SQL query in the management portal, that's when the extent info gets injected. Then when I subsequently try an inline debug (no edits to the code at all)  I am presented with the Target Source is not compiled (Open launch json) dialog box. Then when I try to save, I get the popup that source on the server is newer and when I do a compare I get results that show extent info has been injected. I actually went ahead and opened a WRC ticket so I'll refrain from opening the issue in github for the moment unless they can't get anywhere.   Will be sure to update the thread when answer gets tracked down. 

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Hi Kurro,  Thanks for the reply. Running latest ObjectScript  Extensions

Autoadjust & Compile on Save are ticked.
I run ck flags to  fix an alternate problem (Make an edit only to comment and then the debugger doesn't rebuild and can't start interactive debugging, so I rebuild always until that is fixed)

.export settings all match. 

So still trying to track it down..

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