Atelier - Why are my Tools->Add-Ins / Templates grayed-out/disabled?

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Atelier version 1.1.386

When I click on the Tools menu I see grayed out ("disabled")  'Add-Ins' and 'Templates' items.

Any reason this should happen? I tried this while in various projects (connected to servers that connect properly), opening various documents... nothing helped.

Note that when I call the API directly (<my_port>/api/atelier/v1/%25SYS/action/query with {"query": "call %CSP.StudioTemplateMgr_Templates('addin')"}) the response looks like it works fine -

    "status": {
        "errors": [],
        "summary": ""
    "console": [],
    "result": {
        "content": [
                "Name": ".NET Gateway Wizard",
                "Description": "Import DLL assembly from .NET",
                "Url": "/isc/studio/templates/%25ZEN.Template.ObjectGatewayWizard.DotNetHome.cls",
                "Type": "ADDIN",
                "Interactive": "1",
                "NoOutput": "0",
                "Accelerator": "",
                "RealName": ".NET Gateway Wizard",
                "Group": "",
                "NonModal": "0"


Any idea why this would happen?


Hi Tani.

Having said that this seem to work OK on my Atelier 1.1.386 + Caché 2017.2,

you might check Error log and Network Activities for hints:

Window -> Show view -> Other ->

General -> Error Log
Atelier -> Network Activities

Thanks Alexander.

Indeed I had the Error Log view open and saw various errors - but those were to some projects I had in my workspace that connected to servers that were offline.  So I ignored them.

But now you confirmed it should work on this version - I kicked off a new workspace, defined just one project to an online server, and I got to see my Add-Ins... laugh

So unfortunately I don't know exactly what the problem was... but a new workspace solved it...

Thanks Michelle.

When I tried to use the Tools menu I was in an "Atelier element" (e.g. an Ensemble class) so I don't think that was the cause.

Just in case, I double-checked now again - I'm editing an Ensemble class and the items in the Tools menu are disabled... (in the workspace that originally gave the problem; in the newer workspace this does not happen)

What exactly have you tried so far? What version of Atelier are you using? What version of Caché/Ensemble/HealthShare?

I would suggest contacting the WRC (by emailing or calling 617-621-0700) to get further help on this. A Support advisor will be able to give you one-on-one help to get to the root of the problem on your system.

These menu items are context enabled, so you should have an Atelier editor open or have a file selected from the Atelier Explorer view. I suspect that the selection context wasn't an Atelier "element", so the menus were disabled.

With Tool you just see already available tools.
For new goto HELP.

I think the best next step will be to file a WRC case (by emailing or calling +1 617-621-0700). There is some system-specific info that we'd like to collect to try and debug this further.


I have the same problem and I can't resolve this... 

I try the solutions but it's not working.

Hi all,

Since I've installed Eclipse instead of Atelier, I'm not able to get to add-in options. It is always greyed.

The server is online, I've tried to local and external server, but it doesn't work.

This is the version of Eclipse and Atelier pluging installed.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Best regards,

Francisco Lopez