· Dec 6, 2017

Atelier - Why are my Tools->Add-Ins / Templates grayed-out/disabled?

Atelier version 1.1.386

When I click on the Tools menu I see grayed out ("disabled")  'Add-Ins' and 'Templates' items.

Any reason this should happen? I tried this while in various projects (connected to servers that connect properly), opening various documents... nothing helped.

Note that when I call the API directly (<my_port>/api/atelier/v1/%25SYS/action/query with {"query": "call %CSP.StudioTemplateMgr_Templates('addin')"}) the response looks like it works fine -

    "status": {
        "errors": [],
        "summary": ""
    "console": [],
    "result": {
        "content": [
                "Name": ".NET Gateway Wizard",
                "Description": "Import DLL assembly from .NET",
                "Url": "/isc/studio/templates/%25ZEN.Template.ObjectGatewayWizard.DotNetHome.cls",
                "Type": "ADDIN",
                "Interactive": "1",
                "NoOutput": "0",
                "Accelerator": "",
                "RealName": ".NET Gateway Wizard",
                "Group": "",
                "NonModal": "0"


Any idea why this would happen?

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Thanks Alexander.

Indeed I had the Error Log view open and saw various errors - but those were to some projects I had in my workspace that connected to servers that were offline.  So I ignored them.

But now you confirmed it should work on this version - I kicked off a new workspace, defined just one project to an online server, and I got to see my Add-Ins... laugh

So unfortunately I don't know exactly what the problem was... but a new workspace solved it...

Thanks Michelle.

When I tried to use the Tools menu I was in an "Atelier element" (e.g. an Ensemble class) so I don't think that was the cause.

Just in case, I double-checked now again - I'm editing an Ensemble class and the items in the Tools menu are disabled... (in the workspace that originally gave the problem; in the newer workspace this does not happen)

What exactly have you tried so far? What version of Atelier are you using? What version of Caché/Ensemble/HealthShare?

I would suggest contacting the WRC (by emailing or calling 617-621-0700) to get further help on this. A Support advisor will be able to give you one-on-one help to get to the root of the problem on your system.