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Atelier - the first three months

Almost exactly three months ago Atelier 1.0 was released. If you are an early adopter and have any feedback to share, here's a thread we could use.

For instance, during the Field Test I posted this article about the two explorers, Atelier Explorer (AE) and Server Explorer (SE). Presumably more people are now using Atelier, so I'd be interested to hear how it's going.

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Here is my wish list (from the most important to the most desirable):

- There were more frequent releases. Why waiting months for the next release... If there is a small harmless feature that is good to go, why not publish it on a new release? 

- Support for seeing the other (.cls of CSP, .cls of a CLS, .int of a MAC, etc.) and the ability to jump to a relative location inside the INT: zNameOfMethod+10 (for instance).- Support Javascript syntax coloring on CSP

- Support for javascript files with long lines (such as the "min" version of javascript frameworks such as jquery or bootstrap). Atelier will mark these files with an error flag even though they are ok.

- Support for opening Management Portal of a specific server connection

- Support for using Studio wizards of a specific sever connection

- Support for seeing a CSP page (like when we click on the globe icon and the CSP page opens)

- Being faster

- Support for the Add Relationship wizard to classes

- Support for the other wizards such as add index, add property, add method, etc. These wizards are very good for beginners that don't know CDL or COS. I always use these wizards on my Sales demos because people then realizes that it is very easy to use our technology.

- Better testing with common source control plugins like GitHub, specially when developers are using a mix of operating systems (windows, linux and mac). There are many problems with CRLF x CR and character encoding. When the source is uploaded from a Windows machine into GitHub and downloaded on a Mac machine, it will synchronize with the server that will then change the CRLF to LF and make Atelier think that I touched the source when I didn't. The git diff then will add all those files to my pending GitHub list of files and I will have to upload them again to GitHub for them to disappear. I have only solved this problem by making all developers work with the same combination of encoding (utf-8) and end of line character (LF) on all platforms. My suggestion was that Atelier should be forcing UTF-8 and LF on all platforms to eliminate this problem.

- Support of a plugin to run SQL queries on the database with SQL syntax coloring, code completion etc. like WinSQL or Squirrel does. I mean: We could have Atelier installing some plugins that any developer would need. The same goes for UML editors that could allow us to see the application model more clearly.

Hi Amir.

Some of items you mentioned are already in Atelier

  • Support for using Studio wizards of a specific sever connection.

Go to File -> New -> Other. Then Atelier -> New File -> Custom File. Choose connection and pick Server-side template.

Also you can go to Tools-> Add-Ins or Tools -> Templates and run good old Studio Add-Ins or Templates

  • Support for seeing a CSP page (like when we click on the globe icon and the CSP page opens)

Hm, there is already globe icon on Atelier toolbar that opens CSP page.

The 6th in that list

  • Support for seeing the other

The 5th in that list

  • GitHub and CRLF / LF

As I understand this configuration should be done on EGit side, by setting core.autocrlf = true for Windows installations.