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Feedback on "Atelier Explorer" vs "Server Explorer"

My comments here relate to Atelier 1.0.137 on Windows connecting to Ensemble 2016.2 FT build 627.

I've been looking at what the Atelier Explorer view (hereafter AE), whose root elements are projects, lets us do with the contents of the namespace that the project is connected to:

versus what the Server Explorer view (here after SE) gives us:

Here are my observations so far.

1. CSP files are only accessible in SE. I'm guessing this is because Atelier's support for CSP files is so new as not to have propagated yet to everywhere that it's planned to cover.

2. SE hides items that are mapped to the namespace from databases other than the default code database of the namespace. For example SE shows:

and AE shows:

IMO, most of the time the mapped code isn't wanted in these lists. So I prefer SE's behaviour.

3. "Copy to Project" is available on the context menu of a document in SE (e.g. a class) but is not offered on the context menu I get for the same document in AE. I think we need it on AE too as a convenient way of adding existing items to a project.

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I think your findings are very worrying.

I must confess I didn't do any Atelier testing myself (I don't like Eclipse, too premature, not enough time).

But six to four months later that some of these issues  you reported still have no sign of progress...

Also that there is no 'formal' feedback of issues or roadmaps on Atelier.

Personally I think that ISC jumped on the Eclipse bandwagon five years too late. My choice in these days would have  been Electron/Atom/MS VC but also keeping in mind that it could be totally different in four to five years time.  

Herman - there is a place to report issues. Its the same as anything else with our product. The WRC is fully supporting Atelier and issues are tracked in the same manner as any other part of the product. We are encouraging general conversation here because it is of benefit to everyone and not specific to Atelier as a policy point.


As for choosing Eclipse. It boils down to ecosystem. The editors you mention are all nice but none of them support the entire range of features we can get from Eclipse. You will note that by adopting a REST api we left it open for ourselves or anyone else to expand the functionality of any popular IDE on the market for use with our products.