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How to edit Business Process and Data Transformation files in Atelier

There has been some confusion about how to edit Business Process Language (BPL) and Data Transformation Language (DTL) files in Atelier using the graphical editor. The following steps describe how to do this with Atelier version 1.0:

Copy the file you want to edit from the server to an Ensemble-enabled project in your Atelier workspace. To do this, find the file in the Server Explorer, right click and select Copy to project.

Open the file in the Atelier class editor just as you would any other class file.

Right-click in the class editor window and select Open diagram editor from the context menu. This action creates a second view of the same file open for editing with the BPL or DTL graphical editor. This new view occupies a new tab in the editor area.

When you edit a file with a graphical editor, editing takes place on the server. This is in contrast to the general Atelier principal that you edit files on the client and synchronize them to the server. If the Save action preference in Save Settings is Save, Synchronize, and Compile (the default), your changes are synchronized between server and client whenever you save the file. See the Atelier help section titled "Synchronization and Conflict Resolution" for information on synchronizing files.

Enhancements planned for a future Atelier release will improve this process, making it easier to open BPL and DTL files for graphical editing, and managing synchronization "behind the scenes". Once those improvements are available, there will be another Developer Community post describing the new work flow, and a link will be added to this post pointing to the new information.

The following screen shot shows the Open diagram editor item in the context menu:


And this screen shot shows the graphical editor open in Atelier:

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