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Atelier 1.1 Roadmap

It's been 6 months since InterSystems released Atelier 1.0 and we continue to roll out enhancements and new features through the beta channel (please see the Atelier Download page for details). In the meantime, we have received a lot of messages from the Developer Community with ideas for further improvements. Based on your feedback, we created a roadmap for Atelier 1.1 so you can conveniently track when specific features are going to be integrated.

Below is a list of the major improvements planned for 1.1, which we are expecting to demo at the Global Summit.

1. Legacy File Support – You will no longer have to convert XML files to UDL, though conversion is still recommended.

2. Performance Improvements – Tasks that were slow in Atelier 1.0, such as copying files to a project, will show significant improvements.

3. CSP Debugging – We are adding support for debugging in CSP, along with a more robust and user-friendly UI design.

4. Code Completion – Macro completion and other improvements will be added.

5. Source Code Navigation – We will introduce highly-requested navigation features such as server text search, the ability to easily view inheritance, and ‘go to’ line plus offset.

6. Edit Strategy – Full auto-formatting support.

7. Connection Configuration – Secure & IPv6 connections.

8. Cube-apps Access – You will be able to jump to the Management Portal, view documentation, and test with a Terminal, all directly from Atelier.

We will continually update the Atelier Roadmap to share the progress with you. Please feel free to leave comments and let us know what you think.

Atelier 1.1 Beta Updates:

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2. How about editing performance. Sometimes it works so slowly when just typing a code.

4. Only macro completion or completion in XData also will be added?

Is there any plans to open sources of Atelier or some parts?

Hi Dmitry,

Please see my replies below:

2. The SQL parser is improved, so you can expect the editing performance to be improved as well.

4. Yes, XData completions will also be added.

Currently we don't have plans to open source Atelier. If you have any feature requests, please feel free to let us know.





3. CSP Debugging

Does it include REST debugging?

Hi Eduard,

If you’re asking if Atelier can help you debug the REST API that you’re developing, the answer is yes. Also, for general web application development, we’d encourage you to explore and leverage the web tools that Eclipse provides.




When can we expect the Atelier 1.1 release?

The Atelier development team is actively working towards the 1.1 release. However we do not provide guaranteed timelines for the release of InterSystems products.

We will be publishing a post describing the newly available changes and roadmap progress for Atelier 1.1 later this week. We will continue this policy with every new update release going forward as well. Please keep an eye on this space.


Thank you, Joyce. Looking forward to seeing what's working!

FYI, updating to Oxygen seems to have fixed one issue I had intended to report (the debugger would drive my standalone Apache server's memory and CPU utilization through the roof).

I am new to the Atelier world and I'm hearing a lot of things. My question is can you tie Atelier to Rational and use Rational as a software source control manager?

Thanks for your time.

I think so.  I'm very new to all this but I've been told 'Rational' does software version control.  Again thaks for your time and help.

If you are referencing Rational Software Architect like Eduard asked, then I expect Atelier can successfully integrate with the product.

Atelier is an Eclipse plugin which means that it can be installed into any Eclipse-based Rich Client Platform (RCP). Our team has not specifically tested this integration however, so you may come across problems. Please contact the WRC in that case.