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Atelier 1.1 Beta Updates – June 2017

The Atelier beta update channel:

offers the latest features and bug fixes. It now updates your installation of Atelier to build 1.1.291 for Mac, Windows, Red Hat and SUSE. Here’s an account of what’s recently been improved:

New Features:

  • You can open the Management Portal from the Server Explorer view context menu
  • You can compare local and server file versions using the Compare With > Server’s Copy command on the Atelier Explorer context menu
  • XML import and export no longer require an active server connection; in addition, the import wizard is more robust and can handle large XML files
  • Support for Feature Tracker, which is a safe and trustworthy approach for InterSystems to periodically collect information about feature use while maintaining the integrity of our relationship with our clients. For Atelier, only compilation times are collected to get a sense of the number of active Atelier users. See documentation for details.


  • The Atelier editor copies indentation of the previous line when you add a new line after a comment
  • Improved support for legacy Studio features
  • Expanded support for syntax checking
  • Improved performance
  • Based on Eclipse Oxygen (4.7)

Revised update instructions:

Due to recent security enhancements, if you are running Atelier on a Mac using  macOS 10.12 or later, your Atelier or Eclipse instance must be installed in the /Applications directory for Eclipse updates to work correctly. When you install Atelier as a stand-alone application, after you have extracted the .tar.gz file, drag the file to the /Applicationsdirectory.

If you haven’t subscribed to the beta channel, please see the Atelier Download page at the following link for details:

The Atelier 1.1 Roadmap is available at:

We look forward to your feedback! Please leave your comments down below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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