· Apr 29, 2020

ZPM and Open API Bonuses for REST API Programming Contest

Hi Developers!

As you know in the second contest we introduced technology bonuses. Learn more.

You can see what app got what bonuses in the Technology Bonuses menu:

And here I want to share with you which apps got the bonus. Here we go!

ZPM Module Bonus

To get the ZPM bonus contestants should have published a module in the community Package Manager.

Here are the projects which managed it:

ZPM Command
   Production Manager    install production-manager
   JSON-Filter    install json-filter
   iris-history-monitor    install iris-history-monitor
   simple-spellchecker    install simple-spellchecker
   isc-apptools-admin    install isc-apptools-admin

ZPM gives a very handy way to install the app, e.g. all the above modules could be tested with the following 3 commands:

1. Launch IRIS:

$ docker run --name my-iris -d --publish 9091:51773 --publish 9092:52773 intersystemsdc/irishealth-community:2020.

2. Open IRIS terminal and launch ZPM:

$ docker exec -it my-iris iris session IRIS



3.  Install a module: 

zpm:USER>install module-name

All these projects get one export point for the ZPM implementation! Congrats!

Open API spec
To get Open API spec bonus contestants should have introduced the /_spec endpoint to their API which exposes OPEN API description of their REST API.

Here are projects which did it:

   Production Manager    /production/_spec
   JSON-Filter    /jsonfilterrest/_spec
   REST for Tasks on my Status Report    /crud/task/_spec

All these projects get one export point for the Open API Spec! Congrats!

Open API spec can be easily read with Postman, or Swagger UI, or in IRIS, if you install swagger-ui module:

zpm:USER>install swagger-ui

And if you open:


and put the URL of the spec into it, and get the following UI page, e.g. like this one:


Spec-first approach

To get spec-first bonus contestants should apply an app where REST API on the IRIS side is being generated from Open API spec prepared in advance.

Nobody did this!

Nevertheless, this is a great approach to develop REST APIs! I hope you'll use it in your development!

Good luck in the voting and healthy coding!

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