Thanks all. Disappointed that it takes so long (based on John's referenced post) to add features already in existence in another position in Eclipse.

Hi John.

I don't allow SMP interaction due to this binding. We have a strict policy internally in the sense  that noone can checkout and modify anything unless "bound" to a project. As such the VC project ensures that on checkout of an existing file, and/or on checkin of a new file, a project name is associated. This is then additionally linked to our R&D system for the official bugfix/requirement and associated comments.

Still waiting on a supported method of more visibility to look Atelier as a viable alternative for us.

All i need is a visible project name as i think they now cater for exposure of the full package.classname.

I could modify the version control software to do away with this concept and insist on manual selection of the log in R&D but thought it simpler to ask for the exposure of one variable from Atelier to make it all work.

Still waiting :)


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