· Jan 25, 2018

Default superserver port on installation

Does anyone know where the default port comes from when installing a new instance on Windows Server 2012 R2?

It constantly picks up the wrong default which is already running on the server (probably swapped over after installation)  and the install fails and rolls back.

I installed again and this time without rollback but still allocated the wrong port so at least was able to manually update the cpf and then start the instance.

Would like a simpler solution to the issue and assume they are traversing some windows registry entry that may need updating.

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The superserver port is recorded in the cache.cpf file, and I think it can be changed there by simply editing the file and then restarting Cache.

I'm guessing that the Cache installer uses the registry to discover the locations of the CPF files it needs to check when picking a "free" port to offer as the superserver port for a new instance. So if one of your instances wasn't properly registered at the time you installed another instance then the installer may have defaulted to a port that was actually already taken.