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Atelier Equivalents for Studio Actions

TaskStudio ActionAtelier EquivalentAtelier Keyboard ShortcutSee also ...
Display line numbers.View > Show Line NumbersWindow > Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors > Show line numbersCTRL+,Atelier Editor Features: Line Numbers
Code completion assistanceImmediately suggests completions as you type, unless explicitly disabled.You must type CTRL+SPACE to invoke content assist.CTRL+SPACEEditor Content Assist
Navigate to a specific line number.Edit > Go To, select Line NumberNavigate > Go to LineCTRL+LAtelier Editor Features: Line Numbers
Navigate to a routine, class, or class member.Edit > Go To, select Tag or LabelFind resources in the file:

Window > Show View > Outline

Navigate or Editor Context Menu > Quick Outline



Atelier Editor Features: Quick Outline

Atelier Editor Features: Outline View
Find resources in the project:

Editor Context Menu > Open Declaration

Atelier Editor Features: Open Declaration
Return from a navigation action.Edit > Go BackNavigate > Back
Navigate > Forward
Navigate > Last Edit Location
Atelier Editor Features: Navigation Forward and Back
View code generated by the compiler, such as .INT and .MAC files.View Other CodeEditor Context Menu > View OthersCTRL+SHIFT+VAtelier Editor Features: View Others
Use the IDE in full screen mode.View > Full ScreenWindow > Appearance > Toggle Full ScreenALT + F11Rearranging the Atelier Workbench
View class documentation.View > Show Class DocumentationWindow > Show View > Other > Atelier > Atelier Documentation Atelier Documentation View
View a class as a Web page in a browser.View > Web PageView Web Page button on the main toolbar. Atelier Editor Features: View Web Page
Watch values during debugging.View > WatchVariables and Expressions views in the Debug perspective Running and Debugging an Atelier Application
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