Lutz Vogt · Sep 4, 2021

Handling of Resources, Roles and User

Hi everyone - In IRIS we would like to arrange the access of two users in such a way that each has access to exactly one (his) database only. Which resource does this (%DB_%DEFAULT allows each of the two users access to both databases). If you create new resources (%DB_Database1 and %DB_Database2) and then add them to individual roles (each for the user to), the access for the users, for example, via a REST client does not give the desired separation (instead once Ok, other database 401 Unauthorized both OK). Is there something special to consider or a special resource that could do this or ...? Thank you very much for any tip.

Product version: IRIS 2020.3
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Hi Lutz,

You have to assign your new %DB_Database1 & 2 resources to database1 & 2  (via System Admin -> Configuration->local databases->  click on database1 & 2  and change Resource Name to %DB_Database1 & 2

Hi Danny,

thank very very much. That makes sense, and it works of course very fine. Although it seems to be simple it helps me to understand better the concept. Good to have this community. -  Best Lutz.