· Nov 23, 2016

How to use REST Service with https

We tested REST Services  as described for Caché DocServer example and for requests using http protocol it works without problems. However when we use the https protocol for the same REST Service it is not available. Our infrastructure is as follows: Apache with openssl, which works on the other hand well for CSP with https. If we switch on the web gateway http trace facility we could see the request of CSP pages by https://... but again a request of a REST Service by https:// will not result in a entry in the tracer. We hope that this description of the problem is understandable.

Any hint is very welcome. Thanks Lutz.

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Everything that you should do, to support https, is to configure your web server. As you use Apache, you should configure it, by any of tutorials, which you can find in the internet. Nothing should be done from Caché side, it is should work in any case.

You should check settings for you Apache server, to be sure that nothing wrong there, and it works well, you can also check it with some static files, like html.