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Hi José,

You should contact the WRC with your question. Your issue probably has to do with your browser or some other aspect of your specific environment. 


Jan Stetson

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your question.

Atelier is based on the Eclipse development environment. The “Workbench User Guide” is documentation provided by Eclipse that provides basic information about using Eclipse. It is potentially useful to users of Atelier, but it is not specific to Atelier, and is not maintained by InterSystems. You may find that the “Getting Started” section of the “InterSystems Atelier User Guide” provides more Atelier-specific information.

You’ll find the latest documentation at this link: If you have downloaded and installed Atelier, you might want to use the documentation installed locally with the product. From the Atelier main menu, select Help > Help Contents. This will guarantee that you have all documentation improvements as of the build you have installed.

You might also want to check out the Atelier video playlist on YouTube. There are several videos there to help new users get started, with more in the pipeline.

Please don’t hesitate to return to the Developer Community with any further questions you have.


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