· Mar 20

Sneak Peek (at least for this week)

 Hi Community:

As you may know, I am the person who does the program and scheduling for our Global Summit sessions, so I can give you a sneak peek at our agenda before it is published.

I'm happy to report that we will have two special, four-hour workshops on Sunday, June 4, which is the day you arrive to register in Hollywood, Florida.

One is the return of the standing-room only 2022 workshop with our FHIR guru, Russ Leftwich - "Getting to Know FHIR: The Best Explanation of FHIR They've Ever Heard." Needless to say, we've reserved a bigger room.

Plus, we are planning eight related breakout sessions:

  1. "FHIR to IntegratedML: Can You Get There from Here?'
  2. "Building a FHIR Façade" 
  3. "How to Customize Your FHIR Server"
  4. "Clinical Alerts and Notifications on FHIR: Putting the Healthcare Action Engine into the Workflow"
  5. "Performing Advanced FHIR Validation"
  6. "Clinical Research Data Pipeline using FHIR and OMOP"
  7. "FHIR in the Cloud"
  8. "Introducing Bulk FHIR Export"

Our second workshop in an introduction to containers -- "Working with Containers and InterSystems Technology" - led by Derek Robinson from our online learning team. It will prepare you for these two related sessions

  1. "The Container Lifecycle: When is Your App Ready to Accept Work?"
  2. "Can you Autoscale This?  Lessons from the Field on Kubernetes"

Register TODAY for Global Summit 2023 to take advantage of Early Bird Prices. (You will be able to register for sessions, including the workshops, soon.)

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