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Actually, it wasn't quite working. When I reopened the class it couldn't access the file property as it was looking at the default stream location rather than the one it was filed with, so thought it was empty!  It doesn't appear to save the directory along with the filename in the D global. So I'm having to do a workaround when I open the object I set a variable to the HTMLZIPDoc.Filename, piece out just the filename part then put the directory and a slash on the front and put it back into HTMLZIPDoc.Filename and that seems to work. If anyone has a better solution let me know. thanks.


Thanks that did work when I took out the %OnOpen. What I was trying to do was copy from an existing %Stream.FileCharacter; property to a new  Stream.FileCharacterGzip property and I was also trying to set the location of the FileCharacter property too, but in doing that it lost the link the existing file, even though it was the same location. So I've just had to add code to change the location of the Stream.FileCharacterGzip just before I copy it from the existing property.  I did realise you could set the FileName but wanted it to just generate the random filename part as it does when you set the LOCATION, so wasn't sure how that would work when using that. 

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