I want to make the LOCATION for a %Stream.FileCharacterGzip property we have in a class parameterisable (as in stored in a global), so it can be different for different customers. Is that possible? I've tried doing it a few different ways:
Creating a parameter
Parameter STREAMLOC = {^websystem("auditstream-location")};
then I tried to reference that in the

Property HTMLZIPDoc As %Stream.FileCharacterGzip(LOCATION = ..#STREAMLOC);

but the compiler doesn't like that.

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· Nov 17, 2020
Terminal replacement


Has anyone found a good terminal emulator replacement for Cache Terminal?

We want one where the up arrow works to bring back the last command typed (without extraneous characters appearing at the beginning of the line) and be able to run D ^JOURNAL and have it display correctly.

I tried WebTerminal a couple of years back and but it didn't work properly with the journal. I've tried RoyalTS and that doesn't do up arrow or the journal correctly even though it's supposed to be emulating a VT400.

Any suggestions?


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Quick question... Is it possible to save a class in another namespace. If you're saving a global you can just use an extended reference, but is it possible to achieve the same when saving a class object? Obviously the class will be defined in the other namespaces too.

I want to do it from an Ensemble SOAP Service. I guess you could switch namespaces, but I was a bit worried about doing that from Ensemble process.


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· Mar 25, 2019
Error in ebXML SOAP Service

We're moving an Ensemble production from Ensemble 2010 to Ensemble 2017 and in it we have a ebXML SOAP Service. It extends EnsLib.ebXML.Service.SOAPService and just contains one method with a method keyword of SoapAction = ebXML.

We're receiving a SOAP message with a SOAP action = urn:nhs:names:services:pdsquery/QUPA_IN000011UK02 and this is getting rejected with the error message ERROR #6207: Unexpected SOAPACTION value: urn:nhs:names:services:pdsquery/QUPA_IN000011UK02

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· Nov 22, 2018
Embedded SQL bug?


Is this a bug? We came across it on an older version of Cache but I've also just tried it in version "Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.2.2 (Build 865U)" and got the same result.

Create a Class like so:

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