Fiona Griffiths · Nov 17, 2020

Terminal replacement


Has anyone found a good terminal emulator replacement for Cache Terminal?  

We want one where the up arrow works to bring back the last command typed (without extraneous characters appearing at the beginning of the line) and be able to run D ^JOURNAL and have it display correctly. 

I tried WebTerminal a couple of years back and but it didn't work properly with the journal.  I've tried RoyalTS and that doesn't do up arrow or the journal correctly even though it's supposed to be emulating a VT400. 

Any suggestions?


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PuTTY works for me without problems for 10 years now (at least)  

Moved to Kitty from Putty a few years ago and it's way better for me.

I've had a quick go of PuTTY and I do like that. Simple to set up and configure to work like terminal!

thanks for that.