· Jul 16, 2018

Is there a way to automate the printing/PDFing of a DeepSee Dashboard or contents?

Hi hi,
  Is there any way to do an automated daily print-to-PDF of a dashboard (its' widgets / pivots etc)?
  I am able to add a "Print" Control to a Widget on a dashboard to do the default DeepSee Print functionality of a Control, but this is manual and browser dependent.
  Is there a way I can either:
    1) have say a scheduled task to automatically print the dashboard (as and instead of the manual Control click) including specifying filename?
    2) failing full-automation; is there a way to get the manual Print Control (when clicked) to print and save to file in one step and not open the PDF to a new tab first to be manually saved?
    3) secondary failing full-auto option; is it feasible that one could write a method to open each pivot from the dashboard's definition and do an .exportPDF from each and put these each to a generated filename?
  I understand if I were using a ZEN.Report.reportPage instead of DeepSee, I could use some print-to-PDF code, but we're down the DeepSee path currently...
 Thanking people in advance for their replies.

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Thank you Peter (again - 2 of 2 posted queries solved!),

  Subsequent to initial post, I had discovered %ExportPDFToFile and got the 'simplest' MDX printing, but not gotten back to how to then retrieve Pivots' MDX for this.

  I'll most definitely be utilising %GetMDXFromPivot and probably a number of other .Utils functions from reading around that one too!