Damian Jenkin · Jul 15, 2018

DeepSee Dashboard, all Widgets have "(Closed)" and cannot be edited

  I cannot edit properties (title etc) of Widgets within Dashboards outside of the ENSDEMO namespace:
  I have a namespace "HL7Report" for example;
  I have some Pivots created looking into a cube's data;
  I click "DeepSee", "User Portal" from the Management Portal;
  I click "+", "Add Dashboard", folder/name/title/category all as "new", "OK", new dashboard appears;
  I click ">", "Widgets >", "+", and select a pivot to display as a table (chart / anything);
  I then CANNOT edit the properties of the Widget, I click the ">" again and every Widget I create is "new (Closed)"...
  I do the exact same thing in namespace "ENSDEMO" and they all have their ">" to edit them and their properties.
  Hopefully there is just something remarkably simple I have missed in following the DeepSee tutorials / usage etc to allow other namespaces to create useful Dashboards... ??
  I have tried export/import the 'working' example from ENSDEMO into HL7Report and still "(Closed)".
Thanking peoples in advance for their replies.

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Hi Damian,

I believe there are a few cases where this can happen - most of them involving the use of source control. Do you have source control enabled on all of your namespaces except ENSDEMO?

I would suggest opening a new WRC for this issue since there are a few possible causes and we may need to know a little bit more about your system.

Thank you for the response, yes, this is the case, using Deltanji, so I made a new HS instance without Deltanji over the same Namespaces, and the Widgets are properly configurable.

This section of the 2017.1.2 release notes looks relevant. I guess the problem occurs for all server-side source control classes, not just the Deltanji one

Category: DeepSee.User Interface

Platforms: All
DevKey: DTB633
Version: 2017.1.2
Summary: Ensure widgets can be edited when namespace uses source control
If source control is enabled in a namespace, privileged users could not edit dashboards. This change corrects this problem.