· Sep 30, 2022 1m read

Some FHIR interoperability adapter examples

Hi developers!

Maybe you have to implement scenarios that don't require a FHIR repository, but forwarding FHIR requests, manage the responses and maybe run transformations or extract some values in between. Here you will find some examples that can be implemented using InterSystems IRIS For Health o HealthShare Health Connect.

In these examples I've used interoperability productions with FHIR Interoperability Adapter and HS.FHIRServer.Interop.Request messages.

First scenario build a FHIR requests from scratch (it could be from a file, or a SQL query) and then send it to an external FHIR service.

Next scenario is a kind of FHIR pass-through for requests and responses to an external FHIR repository, managing also the OAuth tokens.

And finally, last scenario consists of receiving FHIR requests to forward them to an external FHIR service afterwards, but extracting information or changing some fields in between.

You will find implementation details in the Open Exchange application :)

I hope it will be useful to you!

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