Raouf Besbes · Jun 13, 2022


I'm using a ComplexBatchFileService to retrieve and process a 425 Mo File ( lines )

At some point the Business Service is in failure , and displays this error :

ERREUR #5002: Erreur Cache: <FILEFULL>%SaveData+18 ^CFAO.EOS.MasterFilePR.PMP.RM.ART1.Record.1 ^CFAO.EOS.MasterFileE50F.RecordD(535405931),e:\eos\
ERREUR #5002: Erreur Cache: <ROLLFAIL>%TRollBack+10 ^%occTransaction

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Hello guys,

I'm working on a Healthshare project . I am using a patient message Flow for Inbound SDA Data in an Edge Gateway.

The patients are created , i manage to found them on the Patient search screen. However , when i request clinical data display on the clinical viewer, i do find the patient but no clinical data is visible on the clinical viewer, eventhough the SDA object exists on HS.Registry.Patient table .

So i checked the data flow , and i found that there is an error when the Edge Gateway Receives a Clinical Data Request :

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Raouf Besbes · Jan 12, 2018
HTTP Response parsing error


I'm in the process of creating a TestClass which simulate a HTTP POST call to REST-based web
services and while I am having success, I'm struggling on how to parse out the results to a JSON

Here is down the code part which concerns parsing the HttpResponse.Data variable into JSON :

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