Hello Francois

Awesome it works very well ! thank you very much for your valuable help


Thanks Sebastian and Benjamin for your contributions !

Actually i'm trying to display some SDA fields extension on my Clinical Viewer . I've managed to display Allergy extensions by following this article

I also tried to display Patient extensions on the PAPerson.Banner component, but i'm wondering how to correctly retrieving the StreamletID from ^CacheTemp.HS.ViewerStreamle in step 4 , i did not find the information type corresponding to the Patient SDA as it is described in the documentation here below :

Does anyone have an idea about solving this issue ? Thank you in advance

Hi sean,

Thanks for your answer.

Actually i checked those  HS.Gateway.ECR.Process  parameters, and they do have correct values. I will try to solve this with Intersystem support

I have another question if you don't mind : Is it mandatory to configure a consent engine in order to retrieve data from EdgeGateway and display it on accessGateway ?

Thank you in advance

Hello Martin,

Thank you for your valuable help

Actually i'm at step 4. I tried to use everyone of the methods that you mentionned to validate the access token. but each time i get this error displayed : "error": "ERREUR #5002: Erreur Cache: <UNDEFINED>zGetUserinfo+10^%SYS.OAuth2.AccessToken.1 *applicationName", eventhough i used the same application name for the first 3 steps and it worked just fine.

ANy idea about this issue ? thank you in advance

Best regards

Hello Martin,

Thank you for your response. I'm working with Sofiane on OAuth2 implementation.

Actually we manage to generate tokens on the authorization server level. we found our tokens stored in OAuth2.Server.AccessToken.  

Then when we try to autorize a client to use a resource from the resource server . we use the  ##class(%SYS.OAuth2.AccessToken).IsAuthorized method . But it always return a 0 value even when we use an access token which existing in OAuth2.Server.AccessToken table

I checked the OAuth2.AccessToken but i found it empty. 

Any clue about this issue ?

Thank you in advance

Thank you very much Dmitry , the error was acctually where you pointed it : d httprequest.EntityBody.Write(json.%ToJSON())

Now it works fine.