HTTP Response parsing error


I'm in the process of creating a TestClass which simulate a HTTP POST call to REST-based web
services and while I am having success, I'm struggling on how to parse out the results to a JSON

Here is down the code part which concerns parsing the HttpResponse.Data variable into JSON :

s httprequest=##class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New() 
s httprequest.Server=""
s httprequest.Port="57772"
s httprequest.Https = 0
s httprequest.ContentType="application/json"
s httprequest.Authorization = "Basic X1N5c3RlbTpTWVM="
d httprequest.EntityBody.Write(json)
s sc = httprequest.Post("")

Do $$$AssertStatusOK(sc,"HTTP POST OK")

Set Result= httprequest.HttpResponse.Data
Set DynamicObject = {}.%FromJSON(Request.HttpResponse.Data)

Do $$$AssertEquals(Result.syncType,"ADMIN_SYNC","sync OK")
 write DynamicObject.%ToJSON(),!

When run the tests on Terminal i get this httpresponse content displayed :

{"errors":[{"code":5035,"domain":"%ObjectErrors","error":"ERREUR #5035: Exception générale Nom 'Parsing error' Code '3' Données ''","id":"GeneralException","params":["Parsing error",3,""]}],"summary":"ERREUR #5035: Exception générale Nom 'Parsing error' Code '3' Données ''"}

Any idea about this issue ?
Thank you in advance

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Second parameter test flag in method Post can help you to understand what you send and what do you receive from the destination server.

 If test is 1 then instead of connecting to a remote machine it will just output what it would have send to the web server to the current device, if test is 2 then it will output the response to the current device after the Post.

s sc = httprequest.Post("/api/v0/bwxpert/visiocheck/account", 1)

should show something like

POST /api/v0/bwxpert/visiocheck/account HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; Cache;)
Accept-Encoding: gzip
Authorization: Basic X1N5c3RlbTpTWVM=
Content-Length: 2
Content-Type: application/json

And I think in your case error in this line

d httprequest.EntityBody.Write(json)

Write method expects to see string, but I think you put some JSON object here. So, you have to change it.

d httprequest.EntityBody.Write(json.%ToJSON())


Some notice, put full address with server name and port to Post is redundant, while you already use this address for particular properties.

PS: It is not secure to publish IP to your publicly available server. As a moderator I replaced your IP to localhost, and fixed formatting.

Thank you very much Dmitry , the error was acctually where you pointed it : d httprequest.EntityBody.Write(json.%ToJSON())

Now it works fine.


Some possible code improvements:

1. Instead of:

s sc = httprequest.Post("")

it's enough to specify:

s sc = httprequest.Post("/api/v0/bwxpert/visiocheck/account")

as the rest of the address is defined beforehand.

2. Instead of:

s httprequest.Authorization = "Basic X1N5c3RlbTpTWVM="

you can specify:

s httprequest.Username = "_SYSTEM"
s httprequest.Password = "SYS"

Which is more readable

3. When specifying server, protocol in not required, incorrect even:

s httprequest.Server=""

4. Finally, don't use short syntax (s, d) and use one naming convention consistently - in your example some commands are in lowercase and some start with a capital letter.