If you can select from this stored procedure then you can try to use this select in INSERT into.

Does the following work?

SELECT * Custom_MENS_Other.samplesp('2021-11-02','2021-11-04','H001')

See Table-Valued functions section:


Hi Thanongsak.

In the <iris>/bin folder you should have different odbcgateway*.so files.

IRIS uses odbcgateway.so when it connects to 3rd party database via ODBC.

However in UNIX world, different ODBC drivers are compiled differently and they can use different driver managers -- iODBC or unixODBC.

Thus IRIS comes with several odbcgateway libraries that are suitable for different drivers.

On my IRIS 2021.1 for macOS I have:

odbcgateway.so -- default one, for iODBC driver 8-bit
odbcgatewayiw.so -- for iODBC driver manager with Unicode support
odbcgatewayur64.so -- supports 8-bit ODBC for 64-bit unixODBC

IRIS documentation covers this here (though filenames are not correct, should be odbcgateway instead of cgate)

So the question is -- what driver manager is libmaodbc.so linked against.

In any case -- Rename odbcgateway.so to odbcgatewayi.so. And then try replacing odbcgateway.so with odbcgatewayiw.so and odbcgatewayur64.so and see with which connection works.