Mark, you need to close connections from Web Gateway to IRIS, so that Web Gateway reconnects and CSPSystem logins with the new role. You can do this in Web Gateway -> Status page -- close button for the second table. Or just restart the web server.

Note -- Roles field in the Audit details. Check that it has %DB_SRFT role when happens again.

If you can select from this stored procedure then you can try to use this select in INSERT into.

Does the following work?

SELECT * Custom_MENS_Other.samplesp('2021-11-02','2021-11-04','H001')

See Table-Valued functions section:


Hi Thanongsak.

In the <iris>/bin folder you should have different odbcgateway*.so files.

IRIS uses when it connects to 3rd party database via ODBC.

However in UNIX world, different ODBC drivers are compiled differently and they can use different driver managers -- iODBC or unixODBC.

Thus IRIS comes with several odbcgateway libraries that are suitable for different drivers.

On my IRIS 2021.1 for macOS I have: -- default one, for iODBC driver 8-bit -- for iODBC driver manager with Unicode support -- supports 8-bit ODBC for 64-bit unixODBC

IRIS documentation covers this here (though filenames are not correct, should be odbcgateway instead of cgate)

So the question is -- what driver manager is linked against.

In any case -- Rename to And then try replacing with and and see with which connection works.

Hi Eddie.

Does it use it's own internal SQL database or are we able to connect to our own database and which databases are certified to run against the platform?


Supported 3rd party databases are listed here:

Generally, please see "First looks" guides in our doc, particularly for JDBC and ODBC: