It would be great to have a cheat-sheet for all of these keyboard shortcuts and other tricks, especially in terms of "if you used to do X in Studio, here's how to do that in VS Code".

A few months ago I happened across the incantation for the VS Code equivalent of Studio's "Find in Files" (free text search of server-side classes) but forgot the key combination and haven't had the time to try to figure out which docs to check and guess at whether it's a standard feature of VS Code or of the ObjectScript plug-in.


In your ObjectScript code you never base64 decode the key:

set key="pZR8qfrz7t47G+dboyJCH4NnJRrF+dJbvxq37y/cLUo="
Set encrypted=$SYSTEM.Encryption.AESCBCEncrypt($zcvt(text,"O","UTF8"),key,iv)

But you did this in Python:

key = base64.b64decode(keyBase64)
cipher =, AES.MODE_CBC)

Adding the additional logging helped. Looking at it now, it looks like it is working as coded:

9413847-9428572 BEGENING OF LOOP FOR: XAL465.1110.A0
9413847-9428572 START RECURSIVE
9421986-9428572 Has Value
9413847-9428572 BEGENING OF LOOP FOR: XAL465.1110.A1

The call for 9413847 is looping through all results of the query. It finds that 9421986 has a composition so it calls itself recursively. The call for 9421986 finds that it already has a value so it returns control to the 9413847 loop which continues iterating.

If you want all super and sub loops to quit as soon as any sub-loop finds "has value" then you will need to check for this condition inside the loop.

It's a bit hard to follow the output. I think things will become clearer if you add "mainArticle" and "article" to every WRITE statement, for example:

W !, $G(mainArticle),"-",$G(article)," Has Value"
W !, $G(mainArticle),"-",$G(article)," BEGENING OF LOOP FOR: "_rs.articleCode
W !, $G(mainArticle),"-",$G(article)," START RECURSIVE"
W !, $G(mainArticle),"-",$G(article)," END OF LOOP"