Hello Anastasia,

Thank you for sharing the video !

If you have any questions or comments, please send them in comments, we will be happy to answer you!

Hello Alexander,

I think you put your finger on the problem , I was taking "IRISUsername" as the URL parameter instead of "Username".
I changed my ZAUTHENTICATE routine, and I don't have any problem for now.
Thank you for your answer

Hello Evgeny,
We tried to use the schedule part of DSW , which use a headless browser ( PhantomJS ).
I am doing the same job with my custom operation, but instead of printing the DeepSeeWeb page , I am printing a "delegated application" on Intersystems .
The problem should be arround the ZAUTHENTICATE.mac routine. Maybe the delegated application doesn't work for this sort of use, i should use a non authenticate application ? 
I'm going to give it a try

Hello Evgeny, 
I still have some problem with DSW export but this is not related to this problem.

I have some error with the ##class(%Net.Remote.Utility).RunCommandViaZF()  command from the ReportGenerator, this one use the following line : 
Set pRetCode = $ZF(-100,cmdFlags,pCmd,.pCmdArgs)

This line returns a <NOTOPEN> Error.
A temporary file is created, but empty.

The $system.OS.ProcessError() returned  <2> No such file or directory.

I tried to manually create the file and launch in the Terminal the following command, but it didn't work : $ZF(-100,"/STDOUT=""/tmp/fichier.txt""/STDERR=""/tmp/fichier.txt""","echo toto")  

I'm still investigating the problem, I keep you informed !

I fixed the problem with the support.
The XSL file was containing 'svg:link' because it was generated from my browser, which contain a 'Dark Mode' plug-in .
Then the FOP was unable to convert the SVG into a PDF, because the SVG il build from the HTML content of my browser.

After disabling the Dark Mode Plug-in , my PDF is now printing properly.
Best regards,

Lucas Bourré

Alright I'm opening a ticket, I understand the problem.
Thank you for your time and your explanation ! 

Hi Guillaume,

This is exactly what I am looking for.
Thank you for the example, I'm giving it a try , i keep you informed :) 

Best regards,

Lucas Bourré 

Hello Eduard,

I'm sorry i guess i didn't explain well my problem.
The PutStream method is in EnsLib.FTP.OutboundAdapter , not in Email.OutboundAdapter  .
I was looking for a property, or a parameter that is available on outbound adapters to avoid "error failure timeout"  .
For example, if I try to send a mail in the Email Adapter via the method "SendMail" , without puting any SMTP Server, I will have an "error failure timeout" because the SMTP Server is not found.
I have the same problem in the FTP Adapter via the method "PutStream" 

Best regards