Lucas Bourré · Jun 20, 2018

Showing all links on the production of the management Portal ?

Hello Community :) 

I am currently creating some documentation for my team. I need to show every  connections between my business process, business services, and operations . All I  can have is only one link like this screenshot : 

Do you know any way to show every links, or to get a good visual documentation ?

Thank you in advance, have a good day Developers !

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You want a image that on click in a image position, show more images, how a presentation?

Hello Guilherme, 

I just want to be able to see all connections  on the portal management, by clicking on all items of the production.
For example, on the screen on the top of the post,  I want to see the connection of Demo.Loan.BankMetrics , Demo.Loan.FindRateCSPService, Demo.Loan.FindRateEmailService ... (all of the services) . But all I can do is getting the link of one service by one :/

You may need to either use Selenium or extend production ZEN page.

The ZEN page is EnsPortal.ProductionConfig and host diagram is defined in:

<ownerDraw id="svgDiagram" onrender="zenPage.drawDiagram(zenThis);"/>

And drawn in these methods:

  • drawDiagram
  • showConnectors
  • clearConnectors

Hi, Lucas!

I don't know the answer, but you could check Class Explorer and maybe implement same visualisation library to visualise production interconnections.

Another example of classes visualisation is Callsmap by @Oleg Dmitrovich