· Jan 30, 2020

Exporting security settings into a stream


I am working on Ensemble 2017.2.1 .
I need to export my security settings into an extern database, in order to make a report.

I've created a Business Operation with an SQL Adapter into a Namespace, but I don't know how to get every security data from "%SYS" Namespace  ( SQLPrivileges , Resources , Roles , Services , Users ... ).

I dont't want to use the terminal and the ^SECURITY routine, because i don't want to store a XML file on the server.

I tried to create a method where I can use the (Security.System).ExportAll  command  in order to use the stream , but it doesn't work because the "ExportAll" method asks for a filePath instead of a Stream .

This is a part of my code :

   set xmlFile = ##class(%Stream.FileBinary).%New()
   do ##class(Security.System).ExportAll(.xmlFile,.nbRows)   


Do you know any method to get every Security settings without exporting a file ? 
Do you think creating a proxy class can be a good idea to get every security data from the "%SYS" Namespace ? ( this seems a bit dangerous )


Thank you in advance.
Best regards,



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Hi Lucas,

All security settings are store in the %SYS databases.

You can access then with this query :

select * from Security.System

Or with this procedure

select * from Security.System_List()

If you want to do this in COS :

s ResultSet=##class(%ResultSet).%New("Security.System:List")
d ResultSet.Execute()
While ResultSet.Next() {
	zw ResultSet.Data("Name")

Like that you don't have to use the export function who only create files.

Now you can parse data and build your report directly from an homemade object.