Good afternoon,

We have a very old version of Ensemble with one of our clients and they have no desire to upgrade anytime soon. We have gotten the all-clear to purge really old messages from the database, changing the days kept from 60 to 30. The option to Compact/Truncate is displayed in this version of Ensemble, but does not execute as it mentions not being actually present in this version.

There is an option in ^d DATABASE that restores unused space, however this does not return nearly as much free space as the refined Compact/Truncate procedure.

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Good morning,

I have another question regarding batch files and Ensemble/Healthshare. Is it possible for a batch file to check the status of the mirror monitor and return it as a status or value?

At present, we store the name of the instance in an echo and reference that. In the event we have to use a different echo, is it possible to have that in a different variable at all?

I hope this makes sense. If I can provide any other information please do let me know.

Kind regards, Alexi Demetriou

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Good morning,

Background to task: Shut down Ensemble from a task in Task Manager.

I have a batch file that shuts down Ensemble when run as administrator. I can confirm this works, as it brings up the shutdown/restart prompt for Ensemble, however I now need to plug this into Ensemble's Task Scheduler so it can be run on-demand.

At present I am trying to use: do ^execute: %windir%\system32\cmd.exe Z:\Scripts\shutdown.lnk

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Alexi Demetriou · Jul 13, 2017
EmergencyId startup

Hello, I am writing to request assistance on an issue I appear to be having when accessing Ensemble. I have it running on a Windows virtual machine, on a Mac laptop, and am trying to access it through the emergency ID account. When starting Ensemble through the command line window using ccontrol start ENSEMBLE /Em... I get an error and Ensemble does not start. Below is the error message I am getting when checking the logs:

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