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Good afternoon Roger,

Thank you so much for your time writing this! I will see if I can liaise a time to perform this as it will be on the Live production. Will I also need to shut down the mirror instance too? I would imagine so as it will still lock the Cache.dat file.

I had no idea that the Compact/Truncate option would cause such problems on that version, and it certainly explains why it refuses to run.

Many thanks and kind regards, Alexi Demetriou

Good afternoon Erik,

Thank you for your response, it is nice to hear from you. I have booted up the Ccontrol help, however I am still having some problems marrying the batch file with the code. My previous shutdown script uses different syntax, and when I try to run the commands from within the cache terminal it does not recognise the command. I am definitely going wrong somewhere with my syntax.

I am also using the following as a reference:

Is there a different guide on how best to go about this programming at all?

Many thanks and kind regards, Alexi Demetriou

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