Good afternoon Roger,

Thank you so much for your time writing this! I will see if I can liaise a time to perform this as it will be on the Live production. Will I also need to shut down the mirror instance too? I would imagine so as it will still lock the Cache.dat file.

I had no idea that the Compact/Truncate option would cause such problems on that version, and it certainly explains why it refuses to run.

Many thanks and kind regards, Alexi Demetriou

Good afternoon Erik,

Thank you for your response, it is nice to hear from you. I have booted up the Ccontrol help, however I am still having some problems marrying the batch file with the code. My previous shutdown script uses different syntax, and when I try to run the commands from within the cache terminal it does not recognise the command. I am definitely going wrong somewhere with my syntax.

I am also using the following as a reference:

Is there a different guide on how best to go about this programming at all?

Many thanks and kind regards, Alexi Demetriou

As per Dmitry's comment, the correct code was set res=$zf(-2, "Z:\Scripts\shutdown.bat") to run the batch script. In order for this to work, you need to directly reference the folder you run the script from. In my case it was start /W Drive:\Folder\ccontrol stop NAMESPACE.

Be cautious when using this.

Hi John, it turns out that my code was slightly incorrect. Rather than changing directory, I needed to define the directory to run the code immediately. This was resolved very recently. I will update the ticket accordingly.

Hi Dmitry, I apologise for the late reply. I have tried this in the Task Scheduler but when it runs it does not execute the batch file. I have the following:

set res=$zf(-2, "Z:\Scripts\shutdown.bat")

Many thanks and kind regards, Alexi Demetriou

I have put that in the batch file, and confirm it works, but the original requirement is still to run the batch file from Ensemble, even if it ultimately loops back into itself. I am keeping the task for shutting down Ensemble, but still wonder if it's possible to run the batch file.

Hi Alexey,

I can run this past my superior who requested this. To me, it makes sense to keep things in the Task Manager, but I suppose the only issue is when one does not have access to Ensemble's portal.

Kind regards, Alexi Demetriou

Good afternoon Dmitry, after running the suggestion Alexey made and then testing yours as well it makes more sense to have the task finish successfully as opposed to disabling itself. I will run this past you as well, but do you know of a way for this to be run under a batch file instead? This was the original requirement.

Many thanks and kind regards, Alexi Demetriou

Good afternoon Alexey, thank you for that update. This has indeed shut down Ensemble now. Is there a way it can be used inside of a batch file that can be called from Task Manager though? Whilst this does work, the original spec was to run it from a batch file.

Many thanks and kind regards, Alexi Demetriou

Hi Robert, Thank you for updating this with your suggestion. I have put this directly into the Task Manager as a Legacy task but I still appear to get a syntax error. Am I running this incorrectly?

Many thanks and kind regards, Alexi Demetriou