· Aug 3, 2017


While accessing Trakcare in IE 11 i am getting error:

The Trakcare Layout Editor is not functioning.Please check your browser security setting for scripts and ActiveX controls.You must have ensemble installed locally to use this application.

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· May 27, 2017
Insert SQL

I am inserting rows in a table. This table is appearing in all namespace as I did global mapping.

So once I run insert command from a method, it insert the rows. When I run the same insert command from other namespace, it replace the existing data in table.

Insert command is same in all namespace but the data I m inserting is different.

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We have multiple server and multiple namespace.

I have a script having sql query which fetch data from current namespace of a server.

If I want to run the same query on different server to fetch data, but I want to run that script on just one server for all server.

Please let me know how can I proceed.

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Hi All,

I need urgent help,

I want to export the values from Global to CSV file.

Values are in global are :


I want output in CSV File as:

I made a class:

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