Confused Developer · May 22, 2017

Accessing table across all namespace

We have multiple server and multiple namespace. 


I have a script having sql query  which fetch data from current  namespace of a server. 

If I want to run the same query on different server to fetch data, but I want to run that script on just one server for all server. 

Please let me know how can I proceed. 

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A couple of questions, in order to better understand what to recommend:

  1. Is the Caché instance where you're running the script an ECP client of the remote Caché instance?
  2. I can't quite parse "on just one server for all server". Is there a typo in there somewhere?



Yes that was typo.. Sorry about that

We have different servers(different IP) where we have ensemble healthshare installed. 

And we have a common package LIB which has been mapped through package mapping. 

I want a table where I want to insert rows(which I will be fetching  from each server.)

Not sure which approach I should follow.