Confused Developer · Aug 3, 2017



While accessing Trakcare in IE 11 i am getting error:

The Trakcare Layout Editor is not functioning.Please check your browser security setting for scripts and ActiveX controls.You must have ensemble installed locally to use this application.

My security settings are fine and also ensemble installed locally,i know i have to install some Add-ins to for this but i dont know the names which i need to install and from where i can get this,or is there any other way of fixing this problem.


Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi Confused

If you're a Trak customer, your best option is to raise a TRC to have the appropriate Support team assist.  However, IE11 isn't a fully supported platform for Layout Editor, though it will work.  You will need the Microsoft DHTML Editing Component at a minimum, this can be obtained from

Hope this helps