Jan Krestyn · Jun 15, 2016

Using the latest nodeJS version with InterSystems Caché

Hello WRC.

Is possible to obtain a node-cache modul for the nodeJS ver.4.4.4. and actual Caché 2015... ?

And what is the expected outlook of this.

A note about this new portal: If I put into "search box" some text with dot like .js or .css ( for example: test.js )  , I obtaint error page. Try it.

Of course, this "Developer Community" is nice, the right way.

Nice day for all, Jan Krestyn


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Thanks for the posting and for the input on the search. We'll get it fixed.

We are working to get the latest node into the distributions. Its problematic because it requires newer versions of compilers then we are currently using. Once the compilers are upgraded the new node will ship in the distributions. In the mean time we are making them available separately thru the WRC