Hi @Aasir Waseer, great question! There are a lot of great resources that cover these topics more generally, but I'll focus on resources that specifically cover the tools available in InterSystems IRIS:

  1. Video: Introduction to Analytics with InterSystems IRIS
  2. Path: Predicting Outcomes with IntegratedML in InterSystems IRIS
  3. Path: Build Data Models with Adaptive Analytics
  4. Path: Building with the InterSystems IRIS BI Analyzer
  5. Path: Delivering Data Visually with InterSystems Reports 

Good luck!

@A.R.N. H Hafeel , Following @Ben Spead 's question and assuming you want the latest and greatest w/ InterSystems IRIS (where you'll learn quite a bit that relates to Cache, but learn all the awesome new features of InterSystems IRIS too!), here's what I recommend:

Get an introduction

Note: You can also learn about all InterSystems products and how they compare, or learn about developing for healthcare applications with InterSystems IRIS for Health.

Learn the tools

Develop an Application

Optionally... expand your expertise!

Also, I'll mention that if you'd like a learning instance to play with, you can try out Learning Labs. Many courses include their own labs with starter files so you can focus on the task at hand (which I highly recommend using those labs when it's included).

​​​​​​​I hope that helps! 

We have a few online learning resources that may also be of interest to you:

Here's one: One best practice we often recommend is to build backwards.. Build business operations first, then business processes, then business services. That way you can test your business operation using the test utility and then when you go to test your business process, you know any new issues must be in the business process. And finally when you create your business service, you can pass a message in like normal and know that the interface works as a whole.