Scott Roth · Dec 2, 2016

Connecting to FHIR services via Ensemble

Can you connect to FHIR through ensemble or do you have to have HealthShare to connect to FHIR services?

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HealthShare Health Connect would work, which I believe you have, Scott?

I am unfamiliar with if we have this and how to go about setting it up. I am following up with John Goodgame.

You can do it even with Caché, but you have to implement it by yourself. I think, the client for FHIR exists only in HealtShare products. But FHIR it is just a REST server, and you can do some connections quite easy, with latest versions of Caché, where JSON was appeared.

Any idea how to get those resources ?

Make sure to log in using either your WRC Direct credentials or register using your work email. As long as you are a Health Connect customer, you should have access to that page. If you do not but believe you should, log a ticket by using the tab on the right and someone should get back to you pretty quick. Hope that helps!

We've been doing this for a few years but only XML versions of FHIR.

Download the XSD/schema from and import it in the normal way via studio. I'd recommend using a HAPI FHIR Server for developing and testing against.

I am trying to import in Studio but I getting fatal error telling that this is not supported format