Connecting to FHIR services via Ensemble

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HealthShare Health Connect would work, which I believe you have, Scott?

I am unfamiliar with if we have this and how to go about setting it up. I am following up with John Goodgame.

You can do it even with Caché, but you have to implement it by yourself. I think, the client for FHIR exists only in HealtShare products. But FHIR it is just a REST server, and you can do some connections quite easy, with latest versions of Caché, where JSON was appeared.

Make sure to log in using either your WRC Direct credentials or register using your work email. As long as you are a Health Connect customer, you should have access to that page. If you do not but believe you should, log a ticket by using the tab on the right and someone should get back to you pretty quick. Hope that helps!

We've been doing this for a few years but only XML versions of FHIR.

Download the XSD/schema from and import it in the normal way via studio. I'd recommend using a HAPI FHIR Server for developing and testing against.

I am trying to import in Studio but I getting fatal error telling that this is not supported format