Hi Shawn;

Your method you mentioned works perfectly well. I have used it a lot, am predominantly Linux and my most preferred share is over 'nfs'.  Ensure you have write permissions to that drive and that there is no network performance impact when it is running between the two servers, but with the speed you mentioned the impact is insignificant. The other advantage is that the write I/O will be on the other server. 



Hi Heikki;

I just recently been faced with the same situation you are in. I doubt it shadow is supported between those two versions, you can check it here 4) Supported Version Interoperability http://docs.intersystems.com/documentation/ISP/ISP-20162.pdf

The method we used was a Full Backup on old system and a restore on the new system just before the Migration day, and then during the downtime after users are stopped in the migration window we did a cumulative backup and restore (1, the cumulative backup and restore minimizes downtime 2, it's quick to copy over - as it is smaller). This plan worked well for us.