· Dec 2, 2016

Offline Backup over the Network

Hello All,


   we have recently upgraded our network humming along 10gb across the board and we're curious as to how or if it is ok to backup cache over smb or to another network drive of that sort. instead of writing directly to local disk. (vmware environment)

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Most companies doing their backup over the network. It depends on how big your database, and you should estimate,  how quickly it will be in your case theoretical and in practice. Unfortunately, on some old versions of Caché, in some cases there are some lack of performance and backup may work not so fast as expected. We had such issue with 2012.2.

And a little hint, to do backup over the network, Caché instance should have an access. And if your Caché works on Windows, you should change user in settings for Caché Service, to some domain user, which will have access to write.

Hi Shawn;

Your method you mentioned works perfectly well. I have used it a lot, am predominantly Linux and my most preferred share is over 'nfs'.  Ensure you have write permissions to that drive and that there is no network performance impact when it is running between the two servers, but with the speed you mentioned the impact is insignificant. The other advantage is that the write I/O will be on the other server.