· Oct 26, 2016

Shadowing between Caché 5.0.21 and 2016.2.0?

We are finally planning to migrate some ancient Caché applications that are run on Caché 5.0.21 to a new server with Caché 2016.2.0 or so.

I wonder if we could use Shadowing between those to keep the data on the new server up to date?

We would copy the Caché backup from the old environment to the new and do a RESTORE there and then start shadowing.

I know than 5.0.21 is no more officially supported by ISC.

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Hi Heikki;

I just recently been faced with the same situation you are in. I doubt it shadow is supported between those two versions, you can check it here 4) Supported Version Interoperability

The method we used was a Full Backup on old system and a restore on the new system just before the Migration day, and then during the downtime after users are stopped in the migration window we did a cumulative backup and restore (1, the cumulative backup and restore minimizes downtime 2, it's quick to copy over - as it is smaller). This plan worked well for us.

Thanks for your thoughts :)

I've got another idea: Why not just copy a full backup file to the new server and do a restore there a day or two before the migration and then during the downtime copy the journals that were created after the backup and restore them.

No need for an extra backup :)

Just have to take care of the journals and not to delete them too often.