Completely agree !!  but If I want to save the number like a string ( with in quotes) then how can we achieve it ?

I am trying to save / set the array from the class method.

I have tried the above mentioned code from the terminal but the char value of 0 is not triggered instead of null value its coming as char(0)

SAMPLES>set s1=111,s2=444
SAMPLES>set a(s2_$c(0),s1_$c(0))=77

@Cristiano Silva  Thanks for your Response.

Since I am refering the property skill "as list of" another serial class (Property Skill As list Of myclass.SerialTablelist;)

How could we retrive the skill.oskill and skill.pskill value ?

for example through objects we will fetch the value as below 

write obj.Skill.GetAt(1).PSkill,!
write obj.Skill.GetAt(1).OSkill,!