Now users can filter the CCR table by multiple conditions for the CCR tables displayed on the home page and the CCR tab of the System Details page.

Previously users were only able to filter the rows by one condition at a time. This made it cumbersome for users to quickly find CCRs that they knew met multiple conditions, as they would have to choose the condition that would produce the least number of results for them to then manually filter through.

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Is "time" a reserved word in the %CONTAINS function?

When I run the following SQL query, I get 0 matching results

FROM Test.Sentence
WHERE text %CONTAINS('time') OR text %CONTAINS('time ') OR text %CONTAINS(' time')

However, when I run a query where the search string contains words other than "time" alone, it returns the expected matching results

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Hi Dev Community,

I have a persistent Document class that has a FileName string property and another Question class that has an optional one-to-many relationship with Document.

I'm trying to add a SqlComputed property to the Question class (docFileName) where docFileName = Document.FileName if there is a related Document or an empty string if there isn't one.

I'd prefer the property to be SqlComputed so that if Question.Document changes, Question.docFileName will automatically update.

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